Information related to training sessions

The precondition to attending the trainings is acknowledging and accepting the Terms of participation and responsibility declaration that you can read at the bottom of the page.

We hold the swimming training at MOM Sport swimming pool. The list at the reception includes the names of club members who registered for the given day, thus their entry is ensured. The admission related to our leased line is free of charge for 100 minutes and after that you must pay to MOM Sport swimming pool based on the following settlement, but our training is maximum one hour long, so we fit into 100 minutes even with changing. Our guests shall pay an extra charge of HUF 300/person between 100 and 120 minutes, HUF 600/person between 120 and 140 minutes and HUF 1000/person beyond the 141st minute.

We ensure free parking at the parking lot of Kongresszusi Központ for those attending the swimming and spinning trainings. Entry from Jagelló út. The parking ticket must be validated at the reception and 3 hours are free of charge this way.

Information related to trainings taking place on the TF running course on Wednesdays: an admission fee must be paid for the course to the operator which is HUF 200.

Training types:

Interval training: interval, which means a given number of repetitions of a fixed distance at the pre-set speed with fixed-length rest period.

Mountain running: which means running uphill: 150-200-meter-long uphill sections follow each other and we perform a given number of repetitions. Running uphill at a higher speed and jogging downhill very slowly.

Long-distance flat race: running on a nearly flat surface without elevations at an even speed for over an hour.

Running techniques training: training facilitating the improvement of technique where running movement can be developed into a skill with the basic exercises of the running school.

Swimming techniques training: improving swimming skills and correcting defects during training. The objective is to achieve a more efficient, sparing and faster swimming ability.

Cross-country running: running on forest paths and designated tourist routes, generally spiced up with bigger elevations. It excludes running on asphalt and the training takes place on packed soil with some stony or sometimes muddy sections.

Mountain bicycle training, that is, cycling uphill: Longer, several kilometer long uphill sections even repeated several times on asphalt roads. Using lighter transmission, paired with a slower pace, but more intense effort.

Time race bicycle training: cycling individually, not following each other, at a higher speed. Mostly on flat asphalt roads.

Long, flat bicycle training: Long, flat bicycle training