Would you like to train with us? You can register this way!

You can compile your training plan on our online registration surface quickly and simply. In our transparent calendar you can see the dates and descriptions of training sessions, coaches and the number of available places. And in your personal calendar you can follow the programs you have registered to.

1.     Buy training credits at the web shop

You will be able to buy the monthly membership fee from your purchased credits on the training registration surface. If you have the monthly membership, you can visit all our Basic training sessions free of charge for 31 days.

If you would like to attend our Premium training too, you can do so by using your credits. The value of 1 Premium training is 1 credit, that is, HUF 1500/occasion, which includes the admission fee to the swimming pool or other sport facility and supervision by the trainer. The credit pass purchased at our web shop can be used freely, there is no expiration date.

2.     Purchasing monthly membership on the training registration surface

In order to be able to attend our training sessions, you must purchase the monthly membership fee from your credits on the surface. The monthly membership fee is HUF 3.000, that is, 30 credits.

You may utilize the following services for the monthly membership fee: you can attend all our Basic running training sessions and you can also participate in our own races. The monthly membership is valid for 31 days after purchase. You can always see the expiry date of your monthly membership in the calendar.

3.     Registration to the training in the training calendar

Select your favorite trainings in the online calendar and book your place! Here you can see the description and date of our training sessions and you can view your own training calendar.